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weight loss : obesity


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Obesity Listings:

American Obesity Association (AOA) - Comprehensive web portal offering general information on obesity, current research and trials, treatment, prevention and consumer protection against fraudulent treatments.

Association of Morbid Obesity Support - Support for bariatric obesity surgery patients and those considering this weight loss procedure.

Barbara's Obesity Meds and Research News - Plain-language information on obesity medications, weight loss and diet studies written for professionals and patients.

Bariatrics and You - Discussion of different medically supervised weight loss regimes, surgery, maintenance of your goal weight, sugar control and childhood obesity.

Be Wise Keep Healthy - Awareness of obesity concerns, understanding and identifying the risks of developing certain diseases, and suggestions to make lifestyle changes to improve health.

Calculate your Body Mass Index - (USA) National Institute of Health (NIH) page uses height and weight (english or metric) to determine degree of obesity.

Childhood Obesity - Find out more about overeating and weight problems in children and how to deal with them.

The Complexity of Obesity - Discussion of the health, holistic, and other features of this disorder provided by Inner Self magazine.

Danas Hymn - Discussion about living with obesity, an obese spouse or loved one. James "Butch" Rosser discusses dealing with obesity, weight loss, weight gain, dieting, nutrition, dietetics and health including gastric bypass surgery.

Donald B. Brown Research Chair on Obesity - A Laval University center dedicated to research, communication and education on obesity.

eMedicine Health - Consumer health resource center providing information on medication in the treatment of obesity.

eMedicine Health - Obesity - Consumer health resource center providing an overview of obesity and its causes, symptoms and treatment.

Excessive Appetite - A discussion about small weight losses and gains and setting some goals.

First Federal Obesity Clinical Guidelines - Identification, evaluation, and treatment of overweight and obesity in adults reviewed by 115 health experts at major medical and professional societies.

Health Link MCW - An article about the search for genes responsible for human obesity.

HealthLink MCW - An article about the health problems related to severe obesity.

The Hormone Foundation - Patient information on obesity including an overview, symptoms, treatment options, lifestyle issues and prevention; as well as other obesity-related resources.

Human Choriogonadotropin and Obesity Treatment - A discussion about oral administration of Human Choriogonadotropin significantly decreases subcutaneous fat in dieting obese patients. Find research results.

KidSource Online: Childhood Obesity - An article that helps to determine obesity in children. Also describes causes as well as possible treatments and prevention.

Lose Weight Gain Health - From Roche Pharmaceutical, provides practical advice on healthy eating, diet, obesity and losing weight.

Medi-Thin - A comprehensive, individualized weight loss program dedicated to treating obesity and the health problems associated with this devastating disease. Includes a BMI calculator.

Michael D. Myers M.D. Inc. - General background information on obesity. Includes the prevalence, a definition, causes, medical complications and treatments.

Morbid Obesity - Obesity sometimes is viewed as the adverse outcome of inappropriate eating and the failure of self discipline on the part of those afflicted. Read information on Carnie Wilson and weight loss.

NAASO: The North American Association for the Study of Obesity - An interdisciplinary society whose purpose is to develop, extend and disseminate knowledge in the field of obesity.

The National Women's Health Information Center - This article defines obesity, describes the causes and the related health risks for women. - Treat your obesity disease with free weight loss tips, diets and nutrition advice. Ask Dr. Goldberg and health forum.

Obesity - Key recommendations and advice on choosing a good program to follow.

Obesity - Definition, causes, dieting, when to see the doctor, medical tests, from

Obesity - Definition in the Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia. Illustration, alternative names, considerations, common causes, and home care.

Obesity and the Zone - High carbohydrate diets, avoid illness, the insulin connection, heart disease, aging, food theory, and links.

The Obesity Awareness and Solutions Trust - Information on the prevention and management of obesity.

Obesity Factor - News covering the epidemic, weight loss, and nutrition. Includes linked articles, article summaries, and resources.

Obesity: Is it an Eating Disorder? - FAQ provided by the Anorexia Nervosa and Related Eating Disorders, Inc. answers questions about definitions of obesity, health risks, weight-loss pills, and what can be done.

Obesity on - Classes of obesity and causes in adulthood.

Obesity Open Forum - Information, including what it is, what causes it, what people experience with it, and an open forum.

Obesity Overview Articles - Obesity has commonly been viewed as the adverse outcome of inappropriate eating and the failure of self discipline on the part of those afflicted. A look at what this really is and some of the causes and different types.

Obesity Support - Non judgemental UK based support site set up for overweight people, their friends and families. Includes nutritional advice, exercise, diets, and medical issues.

Obesity Week - News and comprehensive information about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of obesity. - European-based, professional web site dealing with diet and obesity. It is meant for the general public.

Overweight Teen - Diet resources, weight loss tips, and information on the psychological impact of obesity on teens and what parents can do to help them.

Pediatric Obesity--Helping Parents Raise Healthy Children - Free site featuring the Traffic Light Diet, links to Dr. John La Puma's recipes and resources, and current medical research on treating and preventing pediatric obesity.

Planktonitis - Information about the disease the government and doctors refuse to acknowledge.

Rochester Center for Obesity Research - Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Roles of Mental Health Professionals in Multidisciplinary Medically Supervised Treatment Programs for Obesity - Paper presenting a case management model, assessment for treatment planning, clinical practice model, and behavioral health treatment options.

The Science of Obesity and Weight Control - A private physician written website devoted to obesity. Includes a BMI table, news, editorials, FAQ's and a monthly newsletter.

The Scientific Definition of Obesity and its Dangers - Prevalence, etiology, complications, and suggested treatments abstracted from the Western Journal of Medicine.

Surgeon General Asks Communities To Address Obesity - Community-based strategies, statistics, costs attributed to overweight and obesity, asthma, Type 2 diabetes, BMI calculator, and comments from the US Surgeon General, David Satcher.

Test for Obesity Virus - Obetech, LLC "answering questions about obesity"; markets testing for the Ad-36 (obesity) virus ($100).

Uncommon Courage - Information on eating disorders, size discrimination toward women and children, bodysize issues, health concerns and support.

Understanding Adult Obesity - An in depth look at this disorder and how it is measured, causes, consequences, treatment, research and additional reading.

Veritas Medicine - Clinical trial listings for obesity. Perform a personalized search to find ongoing trials that match your needs.

WebMD Health - Consumer health site, symptoms, causes and treatments, calorie calculator and health toll.

Weight Loss, Dieting and Obesity - Multidisciplinary educational resource evaluating the pros and the cons of a wide range of treatment options for obesity, including diets, exercise, surgery, medications and hypnosis.

Weight Loss Tips - Ten points to help you from Clinical Psychologist, Thomas D. Yarnell, Ph.D.

WLS Help - Dedicated to providing the latest information on obesity, and surgical treatment. Provides online support, advocacy and help for those interested in weight loss surgery.

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