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aging : anti-aging

Anti-Aging Listings:

Aging Research Centre - Provides researchers and laymen with information related to aging.

Anti-aging Guide - Diets, guidance, and resources to the anti-aging process.

AntiAging Information - Product information, test results, reports, links and resources for people interested in all aspects of anti-aging. - Tips for men on living longer.

The Charles Clever Diet - Diet that promotes longevity. Written by register nurse. An Insider's Guide to Anti-Aging Medicine - Information about anti-aging and longevity.

EDTA Chelation - Information about chelation therapy.

Effects of Human Growth Hormone in Men Over 60 Years Old - Article published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Describes Rudman's 1990 research about the effects of human growth hormone.

Healthy Aging - Dr. Judith Ford's writings about the principles of healthy aging.

HGH News - News, trends, and research on human growth hormone and IGF-1.

HGH Research - Offers a research paper, articles, and news on the human growth hormone. - Links to articles related to aging and anti-aging.

The Infinite Faculty - Information about life-extension, especially the effects of caloric restriction.

Investigation of Self-Renewal Potential of Human Organism - Information on new results of life-extension research, anti-aging hypothesis, and life-extension program.

Life Extension Magazine - Magazine with articles related to anti-aging and life extension.

MCW HealthLink: Aging - News and information about healthy aging from the Medical College of Wisconsin.

MoreLife - Offers information on food, exercise, and supplements and discusses how they can help to prevent aging.

Put Old on Hold - Online magazine with articles about healthy lifestyle choices and productive longevity.

Reverse Aging Now Documentary - Scientists and seniors discuss longevity through anti-aging medicine.

RxHGH - Information about prescription human growth hormone, with links to anti-aging clinics, fitness sites, and manufacturers.

Scientific American: The Serious Search for an Anti-Aging Pill - August 2002 article on many scientists' quest for a pill that can prevent aging.

1st Spot Longevity - Information and links to articles about longevity.

Thriving Wisdom - Information focusing on the mental and spiritual aspects.

Young Again Forever - Offers an anti-aging exercise video, a health course, and articles.

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