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mental health : self help

Mental Health Self Help Listings:

ABCs of Personal Growth - Psychological tests and quizzes together with book excerpts and a variety of articles.

As a Man Thinketh So Is He - Ways to improve thoughts. Information on creating reality with thought process and belief systems. Links to articles, books, and self improvement resources.

Ask KRS Edstrom - Free advice column for help with stress reduction, motivation, relaxation, wellness and spirituality. Offers a variety of self-help tools, news and reviews, and details of seminars and retreats.

The Calm Centre - Offers calming advice and tests as well as selling books and music on calm.

Coaching Happiness Secrets - Self-improvement tips, information on coaching styles, relationship tips, and sources of self esteem.

Connects - Mental health and learning disabilities portal. A worldwide, interactive, personalised forum for the sharing of information by people whose lives are touched by mental health problems and/or learning disabilities. (Requires free registration.)

Coping Today - For those feeling depressed, anxious, or stressed. Free newsletter, articles, support groups, books, and tapes. - Free onsite manuals for coping with a variety of life's stressors including: variety of adult mental health issues and parenting especially dealing with children with disabilities.

Emotion Toolkit - Notes and quotes from the journal of a psychology student about self-help topics.

Empowerment Plus Inc. - A self managed journey to address concerns in the areas of attention, learning, depression, behavior, and relationships. Includes step by step instructions and useful resources.

Envisage Yourself - Memory improvement techniques, weight loss tips, and a guide to managing stress.

EthosChannel - Community dedicated to personal growth with articles, streaming media, discussion areas and shop.

Gracious Hearts - Inspirational stories from various contributors in an effort to teach wisdom and a better way of living. Has a forum, egroup and free ebooks.

Growth Online - The latest theories on personal growth, with instant online answers to users questions.

Hall Self Esteem - Portal includes metasearch, directory, books, and videos.

Happiness Project - Designers of the healing and personal development program behind the BBC documentary 'How to be Happy'. Inspirational writings, links and commercial seminars.

The Happy Guy - A variety of self-help resources to help people find happiness and achieve self-actualization. Includes books, ebooks, newsletters, and free articles.

Help for your SELF - Articles, recommended books, training materials and question submission.

Higher Self Improvement Pursuits - Self improvement tips and tools to accelerate personal development and growth. Practical self help and psychology articles.

How to Find Your Life Purpose - Find personal and career fulfillment. Online program.

How To Get Better Results from Self- Help Techniques! - Tried self-help techniques but didn't get the consistent and lasting results you wanted? Here's why it happened and what you can do to start getting better results.

Improving Me - Articles, book reviews and personal growth resources.

Inner Bonding - Learn the transformational Inner Bonding healing process and find help with relationships, addictions, parenting issues, aloneness, spiritual connection, anxiety and depression. Free course. Workshops, retreats, and phone sessions for individuals and couples.

Inner Goddess - Mantras, affirmations and inspirational pieces for women.

Inner Strength Training - Free self-help, self-improvement, personal growth process people can use to strengthen their circumstances, relationships, and their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Behaviour Modification - Articles by various authors on growth through personal change.

Inspired Living - Offers articles, personal stories, resources, humor, chat and newsletter, all aimed at promoting a more inspired way of life.

Jane Firbank - Psychologis and writer offers newsletter, tips, quizzes and articles an a variety of relevant themes.

32 Keys - A collection of ideas on happiness, worry, stress, self-esteem. Online book.

Learn2Chill - A place where practical advice and support around issues of anxiety management are offered by M35HA, a trained professional in the area of mental health.

Lessons for Living: Mini-lectures on improving life. - Brief and informative RealAudio presentations on basic skills in living. Each presentation illustrates a key point and highlights how simple information and diligent effort can transform your life experience.

Lifestyle Resources - Activities in lifestyle improvement, fitness, art and health issues. Deanna Mulvihill, originator of Rebonding of the Body program. Inspirational poems and personal reflections.

Mental Health Net - Offering resources in self-help, psychology, and mental health.

My New Attitude - Resources and ideas for self-empowerment and development of self-esteem. Articles and regular newsletter. - Helps individuals find their own paths to improving their happiness level.

Open Circles - International empowerment center based in the Netherlands, offering a variety of courses and syllabi for personal, spiritual and organizational growth. Details of courses, trainers and free resources.

Personal Development Resources - Includes e-books, articles and features written by Will Edwards, one of the United Kingdom's leading consultants in the field.

Personal Development With Will Ross - Suggestions to improve quality of life. Articles, "Ask Will" page, and private consultations.

Personal Growth Planet - Offers personal and spiritual growth tips, self improvement and self development information plus books and tools from life success coaches Susie and Otto Collins.

Personal-Development.Com - Articles, newsletter, and links. Also hosts "A Positive Place" by author Chuck Gallozzi.

Personality For Life - Provides a way to understand and improve one's personality and self esteem. Helps cope with personal problems that affect emotional growth.

Possibilities: Expanding Your Intelligence - Short articles cover topics such as creativity, NLP, leadership and auto-leadership, beliefs, metaphors, meditations, and visualizations.

Psychological Self-Help - A free, online self-help book on depression, anxiety, relationships, sex, and well-being.

Psychology & You Newsletter - Free, online, weekly newsletter written by Dr. Yarnell, clinical psychologist.Topics cover a variety of self improvement and personal development subjects for children, adolescents and adults.

The Psychology of Hypocrisy - Article on the types of hyprocisy and how to deal with hypocrisy.

Purpose and Self-Actualization: Destiny and Evolution - Allows downloading of the book. It builds a logical consequential universe. It describes mankind's purpose and destiny and outlines ways to get there.

Relax, Refresh, Recharge - Articles and tips for relaxation and personal refreshment.

Robin Silverman - Author of "The Ten Gifts" and "Something Wonderful Is About to Happen," offers articles, seminar details and quizzes.

School of Self-Discipline - Article about discipline deficiency and the excuse virus.

Self Development - A series of short articles and techniques on improving confidence and communication skills. Includes details of a personal growth course, with ordering information.

Self Help - Comprehensive resources and community of all self-help and personal development topics.

Sharing - Sharing poems, thoughts, and philosophy about life.

Silva International Inc - Originators of the Silva Method of mind-programming. Background information, seminar calendars, lecturer directory and catalog of audio tapes and related products.

Success Through Words - Articles on motivation, goal setting, entrepreneurship. Book reviews and links to self help resources.

Talent Development Resources - Articles, interviews, books and other resources for enhancing creative expression and self-actualization.

Tell-Me-About-It! - Source for having hopes restored, spirits lifted, and enthusiasm renewed. Online professional help and self-help tools aimed toward happiness.

Total Life Success - Offers inspirational quotes, self help articles and books, life success, goal setting resources, and forums.

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire Self Help - Contains over 100 self help topics to choose from, including relationships, personal success, holidays, and creativity.

Vivation - Circular breathing technique which claims to bring happiness. Information and articles, with details of workshops and seminars.

What To Do When Self-Help Techniques Don't Work! - Article: Why self-help techniques don't always work - and what you can do to start getting better results.

Yahoo Groups: Daily Power Words - Daily personal empowerment article with exercise and meditations.

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