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Women's Health Listings:

Allwise: Shared Wisdom for Women's Health - Creating an educational process about women's health that combines knowledge found in various health sciences, with the knowledge of women's lived experiences and personal truths.

Anji - Company claiming to "support women's health from the inside" give information about how the emotions and stress affect a woman's body physically.

Ann L Wesso Consulting - Author, teacher, speaker, mind-body-spirit counselor. Provides women's health services for both individuals and groups. In person and telephone consultations available.

Answers for Women - An educational, research, and health care center that includes a wide variety of general health care, gynecologic care, infertility, prenatal and genetic counseling, obstetrics care, women's gynecologic cancer care, and research education.

Aphrodite Women's Health - News and research on women's health issues covering breast cancer, infertility, menopause, weight management and female sexuality.

At Health - Presents women's health issues by way of a newsletter.

The Average American Woman - She's five foot four and 140 pounds. Read more to get a realistic perspective on your body in this weight obsessed culture of ours.

Backup MD on the Net - Physician answers for women's health concerns. FAQs, free email newsletter, support, message boards, disease profiles, and books and home diagnostic tests for women's health.

Better Ideal Weight Calculations - Better Ideal Weight - body calculations, Four methods compared for Women - Offering women's health, fitness, and exercise equipment including treadmills, heart rate monitors, ellipticals, free weights, and yoga. Articles on flexibility, stretching, strength, and aerobic training.

Bon Secours for Women - A resource for health issues of interest to women of all ages in central Virginia.

The Canadian Health Network - Trusted health information for girls and women on topics including family, pregnancy, birth control, parenting, cancer, violence, abuse, depression, menopause, and osteoporosis.

ClearlyMed - Women's Health - Free Women's health information covering Womens health topics like diabetes, breast cancer, menopause, and liver disease.

Clinical Trials for Women - Explanation of clinical trials and how they pertain to women's health issues.

Dr. Janet PhD - womens health - Dr Janet Maccaro an expert in women's health and nutrition has a PHD in Nutrition, a degree in Naturopathy, her books, natural progesterone and hormone balancing products help women

Dr. Susan Lark, M.D. - In-depth articles from Susan Lark, M.D. on women's health issues, including perimenopause and menopause, mental clarity, mood, and bone health. - Womens health physician, Donnica Moore, MD, discusses common issues such as menopause, PMS, PMDD, infertility, fertility, postpartum depression, osteoporosis, sexuality, and weight loss.

Embarrassing Questions - Frank, reliable answers to the most intimate and embarrassing health questions. From Redbook.

FAQs on Women's Health - Comprehensive information, questions and answers, flow charts and illustrations dealing with issues and conditions. Includes an introduction, infertility, contraception, menopause, menstrual cycle disorders and the lower urogenital tract.

FDA Information for Women - Comprehensive site on FDA information relating to food, drugs and cosmetics in relation to women's health.

Feminist Women's Health Center - Empowering women's health decisions on wide range of health topics including menopause, abortion, birth control, selfcare.

Femme Pharma. Inc. - Expanding understanding for women's healthcare by developing innovative women-friendly products that target life cycle management, diseases and disorders that disproportionately affect women. - Online community for moms who want to get or stay fit.

A Focus on Womens Health - Content designed, written, and developed by a woman physician covering topics such as menopause, breast cancer, pms and breast feeding.

Georgia Women's Health Section - Services, support, and information relating to women's health, perinatal health, family planning, violence against women, and more from the Georgia Division of Public Health.

Girls Can Jump - Jump Training and Knee Injury Prevention - Jump training and knee injury prevention advice, for female athletes -basketball, volleyball, soccer. Scientific how to jump information.

Go Ask Alice! - Columbia University's Health Education Program. Database of letters answered by "Alice".

A Guide to Women's Health Topics - General medical information including virginity, pregnancy, hormones, aging, and birth control.

Hardin MD: Womens Health & Gynecology (ObGyn) - From the University of Iowa, the lists of Internet sources in women's health (including pregnancy, childbirth, breast cancer, and midwifery), obstetrics and gynecology.

Health at iVillage - Advice, assessment tools and discussions on women's health, with reports on heart disease, cancer, sexual/reproductive health, nutrition, and other topics.

Health News of Interest to Women - Up-to-date health news of interest to women from leading medical journals. Received in email form. - Covering women's health topics and reproductive health topics. - Comprehensive site contains medical content written by board certified physicians, health and wellness tips, definitions of medical terms, drug database, Ask the Doc section, and Healthy Mom's Club.

The Hormone Help Center - Complete information and proven solutions for women on the most common hormonal problems, PMS, mood swings, low energy, menopause, alopecia, hair loss, facial hair, body hair, acne, PCOS.

InteliHealth - Women's Health - Offers news, feature articles, ask the doctor, free weekly email newsletter.

It's Not All In Your Head: What To Do About Subtle Changes As You Age - Dr. Donnica discusses healthy, vibrant aging for women over 40.

Junefit Health & Fitness Tips - Tips covering exercise, weight loss, health and motivation.

Lilly Women's Health - Focused on the issues beyond reproductive health that matter most to women. Offers access to current health statistics, cutting-edge research, valuable resources, and unique tools needed to help protect good health throughout life.

Loving Your Curves - Articles about positive body image attitude and convincing today's society thin isn't always in.

Mayo Clinic Women's Health Resource Center - Experts address menopause, gynecological conditions, osteoporosis, and other physical and emotional health issues unique to women.

MCW HealthLink - News and information about women's health issues such as breast cancer, heart disease, ovarian cancer and reproductive health from the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Medicomm : The Next Age Healthcare - Medicomm's Women Health Center caters readers with information on disease and conditions including topics like Menopause, mood swings, breast care, and prevention.

Melpomene Institute Women's Fitness and Health Research - A non profit institute dedicated to providing comprehensive information regarding women's health and fitness issues.

MerckSource - Women's Health - A resource providing health news and information for women on topics such as menopause, osteoporosis, pregnancy, and healthy living.

Mothercare - Counseling for Women Who Are Or Plan To Be Mothers - Nyack, NY - Cynthia Shaw, MaCP, Nyack, NY, offers counseling for women and couples concerned with all perinatal, mothering and parenting issues.

Motherstuff - Information and links for mothers, parents and pregnant women. - Set up free, private e-mail reminders to schedule your next pap smear, mammogram, blood donation, colon cancer screening test or cholesterol test.

Naari Today - Solutions for Indian women living abroad including general women's health topics, culture specific issues and links.

National Women's Health Resource Center - Information on women's health topics, including news, discussion and health services.

NewShe - Network for the Excellence of Women's Sexual Health - Resources for women dealing with sexual function problems such as lack of desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, and pain.

NewsRx Report Series on Women's Health Wellness Research - The latest information and news on Women's Health Wellness Research with's series of monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports.

North Idaho Guide to Women's Health - Comprehensive list of healthcare providers and services for the North Idaho area. Find ob-gyn's, pharmacies, insurance agencies, health clubs, dentists, chiropractors, pediatricians, optometrists, information on alternative medicine, surgeons, and emergency services.

Office of Women's Health, U.S. Public Health Service - A US Government agency promoting research, information, and service to women's health. The site contains extensive information in a FAQ section about many aspects of women's health.

Oxygen Media for women, on TV and Online - A comprehensive women's health site covering medical topics, healthy lifestyle issues, inspirational stories, and controversies.

Physical Activity and Health: Women - Surgeon General's report on the beneficial effects of physical activity on women's health.

Plastic Surgery after Pregnancy - Most women are thrilled with their new baby but not with the changes in their body, Plastic Surgery after pregnancy may help.

Principal Health News - A complete source of information on women's health, including news and articles on contraception, weight loss, menstruation, menopause, breast health, pregnancy, skin, beauty, eating disorders, and osteoporosis.

Resources For Women - Provides resources on women's health, family, travel, weddings, abuse, rape, finances, home and garden, and things every woman should know.

The Saint Francis Care Women and Children's Services - Health care information, programs and services for Women, located in Hartford, Connecticut.

Shirleys Wellness Cafe - This free educational site promotes the holistic approach for women's health care: menopause, breast cancer, PMS, osteoporosis, and other female issues.

Sunnybrook and Womens Health Sciences Centre - The Women s Health Matters Cancer Centre explains how cancers are diagnosed, reviews treatment options and details coping and prevention strategies. Women can use this site to learn about lung, breast, cervical, endometrial, colorectal and skin cancers.

Twilight Bridge Phyc hTimes - Cycles of Addiction, an article by Colette Bouchez highlighting that women are more likely to get addicted to drugs and alcohol if they initiate the misuse in the high estrogen time of the month.

Univ Wisconsin Center for Women's Health - Resources on various women's health topics from abortions to menopause, links to relevant sites, local and national.

Vancouver Women's Health Collective - A not for profit women's health organization located in Vancouver, British Columbia

Woman 2 Woman Health and Beauty Expo - 2nd annual Woman 2 Woman Health & Beauty Expo. November 2-4, 2002, Lisle, IL. Learn to look good and feel great. Portion of proceeds donated to National Alopecia Areata Foundation.

Woman's Diagnostic Cyber - Dedicated to accurate diagnosis in women's health, this site offers differential diagnosis lists, risk factors, news about health diagnosis and a physician-maintained message board to ask personal questions.

Women Health - Resources for Women Health - Including breast disease, menopause and osteoporosis.

Women's Center for Mind-Body Health - An obstetrics and gynecology information site on the mind-body connection, effects of stress on women's health, and how to prepare for surgery mentally, physically and spiritually.

Women's Health - A consumer web site for information about women's health, OB-Gyn, breast and reproductive anatomy and diseases.

Women's Health - Recent women's health articles, links to relevant sites, including government sites.

Women's Health - Offers information about issues such as heavy bleeding, fibroids, hysterectomy, menopause and hormones, pelvic inflammatory disease, and ovarian problems.

Women's Health - Research findings from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) on breast cancer, treatment of common uterine conditions, Cesarean sections, low birthweight, hysterectomy and alternatives, domestic violence, and health care for minority women.

Women's Health ( - Frequently updated site provides articles and resources about women's health issues from puberty to pregnancy, menopause, and beyond. Also provides four active discussion forums.

Women's Health Information from WebMD - Consumer health site for women's health conditions.

Women's Health Interactive - Women's Health Interactive provides health resources for women, supports empowerment over key health concerns, facilitates information exchange, promotes learning, and motivates proactive responses.

Womens Health Issues - Includes the menopause, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, infertility, weight loss, polycystic ovarian syndrome and alternative HRT.

Women's Health Matters - Site features news, interviews with Canadian health experts and detailed information about a variety of topics from osteoporosis to sexual health.

Women's Health Research - Details about an interdisciplinary program at Yale University. Includes drug abuse scholars program, areas of research excellence, workshops, news and clinical trials.

Women's Health Resources - National Institute of Health site with up to date information on women's health issues, covering everything from domestic violence to ovarian cancer.

The Women's Health Site - A service of the Duke Academic Program in Women's Health designed for healthcare professionals offering up-to-date, multi-disciplinary, and clinically useful information about health care for women.

Women's Health Week Focuses on Minority Females - Of the 140 million women in the US, the 39.6 million that are members of racial and ethnic minority groups continue to suffer disproportionately from premature death, disease and disabilities. Site include information of interest.

Women's HealthLine - Information on a variety of women's health issues, divided into educational, clinical and research categories. Includes online consultation with staff physicians. Affiliated with Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Women's Sexual Problems at Seek Wellness - Offers basic information about the types of female sexual problems, how they are diagnosed and treated, written by Dr. Chris Steidle.

Women's Sports Foundation - Resource for girls and women in sports and fitness.

Women's Therapy Center - Devoted to women's physical and emotional health: vaginismus, sexual sysfunctions, pelvic pain, vulvodynia, dyspareunia, sexual abuse, PMS, sex therapy, menopause, female adolescent problems, incontinence, eating disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress, anxiety & panic attacks, fibromyalgia, adoption & infertility counseling.

Women's World - netGuru India provides tips for women to stay in shape, remain healthy while looking stunningly beautiful. For those seeking to become more elegant, poised and dignified lady.

WomensHealthChannel - Developed and monitored by leading physicians containing up-to-date, medically accurate information pertaining to women's health issues.

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